recording "studio"

I have the opportunity to rent a storage unit that is 10’x 30’ x (8’-14’-not slanted, but not sure which height I would be able to get) for around $85 a month

I’ve been thinking about how it would be best to setup the room if I were to get it. I was just wondering what your thoughts would be on the matter.

I would use acoustic insulation from foam by mail and hsf acoustics due to their decreased cost vs Auralex (foambymail is sending me some samples, I’m going to compare them to the auralex at GC)

I would make a “drum riser” based on Auralex’s Platfoam.

I would divide the room in half length wise to make a control room and recording room. I figured I’d just use two bookcases with crap in them with a convex angle in relation to the recording desk. Completely separating them would be too much trouble.

here’s a very simple 3d mockup of it…

What do you guys think? think it’d be really hard to have comfortable temperatures most of the time? (I live in nw oregon-usually pretty even temp, but rains sometimes) the bathroom would be non existant… I could bring a mini fridge…

I was considering using some lenrd’s but wasn’t sure it I’d really need the megalenrd (I’d just use a 12" block with 2 lenrd’s to save cash). I figured that the thin aluminum wouldn’t hold in much bass, and the adjacent storage units would have plenty of variable mass material to absorb/diffuse the low end-so that’d be nice :)

Sounds like a neat idea except that there is little or no ventalation in those units, right? And no bathroom… maybe bring a 5-gallon bucket? eww… :laugh:

The other thing to think about is security, of course.

The control room is is connected visually with the recording room?

security would be provided by a padlock outside… :) and some insurance.

no visual connection other than me pearing my head around the bookcases :) I don’t think it’s really that needed anyways. if necessary I’ll hook up a webcam so I can see the band. I can hook up some lights for visual cues of when to play/stop etc…

yeah, ventillation would have to consist of a slightly open bay door… not great, but not the end of the world either I guess.

I’m hoping I can land a decent house to buy/rent with a basement instead, but this is a backup plan.

Aside from the ventilation issues, you may have trouble with the noise disturbing the people living in some of the adjacent storage units - fact of life these days.


hmm, actually this particular unit is known for allowing bands to set up in it, so I don’t think noise disturbance is an issue. They all live under the bridges here… :(

Well then the other problem you may have is if a loud band is practicing next door whilst you are trying to do some recording…

Especially if you are leaving the door open for ventilation…


Big fans can ameliorate the ventilation problem, but I am afraid the lack of sanitary facilities will be much harder to overcome - although there are chemical systems you can buy, and some heavy curtains from a thrift store wouldn’t be a bad ‘room-maker’, nor hurt the overall acoustics. Still, it is icky, and must be kept after every day!

Good luck, but I hope you can find a house instead.

'til next time;

Also you will probably want a space where you or the people you are recording can go and chill out for a while with lounges and a tv or something.

Sometimes things just aren’t gelling and you need to take a break.

Not sure what you could do in a storage facility…