Recording T-Track Drums

I have no problem getting N-Track Drums to play, but when I attempt to record, the MIDI track remains blank, and I am unable to route the audio output back to record as a wave file.

Obviously, I’m missing something here.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry TJ, I don’t use the n-Track drums but here’s a BUMP so maybe someone who DOES will see this and help you out.

Also, which version of n are you using? You should be able to “Freeze” the track the n-drums are on to convert them to audio. No?


what version of N are you using ? - ver6 works differently from ver5

i presume you are using a MIDI keyboard to input MIDI notes ? - if so when you press a key on the KBD does a red square light up in the lower right Windows icon tray ? - if so MIDI notes are gatting through to N if not find reason -


Magic Rabbit, I attempted recording the pre-programmed rhythms in N-Track on a MIDI track I created, but it remains blank.

Thanks for the bump Diogenes; it probably would have gotten a few more responses if I hadn’t fat-fingered the subject line. I’ll have to look into freezing the track. I’ve never used that feature.

I use the latest release of Version 5.



SpreaderCraig is gettin’ pretty good with n-Drums.

the pre recorded section of NTD is a STEP SEQUENCER, the drums are trigered by clicking on areas of the grid - what this means is that in step sequencer mode there are no MIDI notes used, the samples that produce the drum beats are triggered internally within NTD, there is no way to extract them -

in other words you cannot record the MIDI from the step sequencer into a MIDI track -

i aint the greatest exponent of NTD, i have never managed to get the MIDI out of the sequencer - others may know more -

am having serious problems with NTD in V6 (dont have V5 installed) so help is limited untill Flavio cures a couple of iritatiing bugs -


Do you set the channel to 16 and the output to nTrack in the track channel properties TJ?

(thanks for the vote of confidence Poppa)