Recording the Beatles

The long awaited book

Well it looks like the wait is nearly over, but I’m afraid at that price I’m just gonna have to wait a bit more :frowning:


WOW!! This is good news indeed! :cool:

I have a copy of “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions” by Mark Lewisohn, and I have gathered a lot of information from it over the years but I always missed the ‘technical’ stuff absent from it… - This is modern recording technique in the making.

I’ll look forward to this… - Pricey, I know, but I’ll start saving up as from today… :D Some things in life are not to be missed out on, and for me, this is one.

regards, Nils

I want this sooo bad. Gotta give me wife a hint for me birthday.

100 clams! :(

Library! :)

Ahhh, Father’s Day is coming soon… :D

Quote (vanclan @ April 11 2006,10:59)
Ahhh, Father's Day is coming soon... :D

Just my luck... - no kiddies... :(

regards, Nils

Isn’t it interesting though, at that time, they were pretty much just flying by the seat of their pants.

Here’s some cheaper advice; watch “Let It Be” over and over, and take notes.

McCartney just ran a special on PBS not too long ago where he showed some of the tricks they used to get some of the sounds that they recorded. It was quite interesting.

They showed the 4 track machine they used. It was a 2" tape machine. Dig that! .5 inch of tape per track. Talk about H-E-A-D-R- :p - :p -M!

He said that they did alot of bouncing and actually liked the loss of sound that some guitar parts would lose in the bounce.

What we need now are plugins that will give us the same type of sounds; or something.