Recording to track with effects on hurts...

I’ve had an issue in the past where I record a track and the waveform looks fine. Then I play it back and it is distorted, clipped, unintelligible. I always assumed this was my audio interface messing up…

This morning I had the same issue. I had created a new track recorded just fine, added some effects, then deleted the Part and decided to re-record the track. When I re-recorded I was once again getting the distorted, clipped, etc… After several more attempts experimenting with resetting the audio interface, levels, etc., I turned off the FX that I had earlier placed on the track and re-recorded the track - PERFECTION.

If you are trying to record to a track with Effects on it you may need to disable or delete the effects or just create a brand new “fresh” track with no effects.

This may be unique to me, but I hope it helps someone else.



hmm. I have a similar problem recording my Line6 X3 live with 24 bit. I’m pretty sure I tried it without any effects on though. Maybe I’ll disable it and see what’s up.

Weird. Any particular effect or effects that do it. Perhaps you’ve discovered a bug in one of them.

You say you’ve checked the levels; that’s the only thing I can think of that would mess things up like you are seeing (hearing).

Are these insert effects or on an Aux?

I added the Fx directly to the track and recorded with the LIVE button off and echo LIVE box (track level setting) unchecked. I’m going to see if I can replicate intentionally and will report back.


First round of single track recording tests:

PROBLEM REPLICATED with Kjaerhus Classic Compressor or GSnap,
Recording is fine with the nTrack Compressor and nTrack Reverb.

Second time through with Kjaerhus Classic Compressor worked fine.
Secon time through with GSnap REPLICATED PROBLEM.

New project:
Classic Compressor - worked fine

So not 100% conclusive except for GSnap - but MAY happen with other plug-ins

I never record in LIVE mode - too much latency


Plugged in my PodXT Live tonight and nothing but harsh noise until all effects were turned off on the tracks I was PLAYING. I was starting with a clean track and relying on the Pod XT Live for the sound effects I wanted. After I disabled the FX, the track recorded normally.