recording towo separate tracks issue

The help files say to set up two tracks and set the recording to stereo-two mono tracks, I can’t get it to work, i beleive that my behringer mixer has a mono aux send, i hook up to my m-audio card as follows, line out on the card to tape in on the mixer Aux send on the mixer to line in a=on the card. depress the aux return to mix button, and waa Laa you can monitor with headphones and not send the mix into a new channel when recording vocals, and still hear the mix and the channel being recorded in the phones. But aux send is mono, so no ability to split and send one input to one channel and one to another. Any Ideas??

how many aux sends do you have? if you have two, pan them left/right. can you use the main outs for recording and bring in your monitor mix with the tape in and monitor that through the “control room/headphone” bus without sending that to the main mix?

Which Behringer Mixer do you have Robo?

I have the mx 602A like the current 802 A I have one aux send. I have not tried the mains, but will try tonight, this is the way Berry told me to hook up with my m-audio card. Iit seems there must be a way, but is baffling me