Recording Volumeter at Max/ Can't Record

Can’t record

Lately everytime I open N-track, The Recording Volumeter has been at MAX. I also can’t record a thing. Everytime I try to record something I get a peak file that looks as if I recorded multiple explosions or something for every second of sound recorded. When I try to play it back, I get silence. The funny thing is that all my music files, CD’s etc play as normal, but I can’t record… any help? I haven’t recorded in weeks…somebody help a N-Tracker out please!!!

Can you record using the Windows Sound Recorder?
If not look at the Volume Control > Options > Properties > Recording and be sure about the selected recording input.
At N take a look at File > Settings > Preferences > Audio Devices.

No it seems I can’t record through Sound recorder neither… Believe me I’ve adjusted and readjusted ever property box,screen, volumeter, etc. Even did a system restore… still didn’t work.

are you using a laptop or a PC with an inbuilt microphone ? - if so mute the internal mic in windows volume control -

Well I’m using a PC. I also noticed that as my PC is booting, I hear this weird zip-pop kinda sound. Well I guess thats what you get for using intergrated soud cards. RealTek sucks. Creative, here I come…lol Oh… Thanks for your help guys but I’ll just by a PCI card and move on… Nobody seems to have ever experience this… it a mind boggler, but I got too much work to do to try and sit and figure it out you know… Again thanks.