Recording VU-Meter drop out

4.0 problem

I have n-Track 4.0 (yeah, I should upgrade) and use an EMU 1212m sound card. I notice when I’m recording something long, usually after 20 minutes, the recording VU meters will drop out completely. It will keep recording, but it will be dead silence. So I restart the n-Track and the VU meters are now working again. When I’m recording for this long, I’m trasfering a record or tape to CD, without multitracking. I would be using WaveLab 5.0 for this process, but since the new EMU card, my entire computer crashes when I try and record from the ASIO (with the WDM, I get no input). I’m still waiting for the tech support reply on that one. On top of all that, I now have a mystery disappearing-reappearing noise level problem with my UB2442FX-PRO mixer. I wanna go back to my single track, internal mic tape recorder.

I think n-track holds the recorded data in memory and only writes the WAV file to the hard disk when you stop recording.

A 20 minute WAV file contains a lot of information so you may be running out of memory.