recording wav files

2 tracks appear when recording

How do I change the setting so that whenever I record a new track, one stereo track comes up instead of two mono tracks?

Click on the track recording ‘dot’ icon (the one that turns red) and pick what you want.
I think that’s it anyway. not on my sys right now.

I’m using Version 4 and don’t remember seeing options when pressing the recording dot icon. I am also not on my sys right now as I am at work, but will check when I get home.

I don’t remember last week, let alone ver 4

Open the recording Vu meter. Click (or right-click) the “Hammer” icon. Choose yer poison. When you click (or right-click) the red “arm” button you should see options to record stereo or 'channel 1L or channel 1R or similar.

It’s been a while… some where in there ought to fix you up though.