I want to record a guitar line using an amp plug-in. Recording and adding the effect later is no problem, but how do I set it up so that I hear the effect on the instrument as I’m playing? Is this possible? This would also come in handy to add a little reverb to the headphones while tracking, but record a vocal take dry. Sorry for the rookie question, I read all the manual stuff and still couldn’t find the answer. Thanks

IIRC, in 3.3:

- Select the inputs you’re recording from.
- Click the Hammer (settings) and select “enable live processing from this input”. Unselect it from any input you’re NOT recording from.
- Click the Live button. You should have the number of enabled tracks show up.
- Bring up the mixer, insert the effect, and play along. You should hear the effected sound. If you can hear the clean sound you might want to disable the hardware monitoring for that track.

Press record.

Anyway, it’s something like that.

I just used the LIVE feature for the first time. It works great on my system. I have created a template using three inputs: stereo inputs from my antique Roland SC-55 and a guitar. On my guitar I just load the effects I need and now I can practice my setlist without setting up my PA.

Its going to give you joy, or its going to frustrate you with a too long delay.

What soundcard do you have ?
You need ASIO or WMD drivers to get the latency low enough for this to work to your satisfaction.

Right – give it a try, but unless you’re already set up for “low latency” operation, there will be a delay between playing a note and hearing what you played.

If you hear a latency, first try using ASIO drivers (“Preferences -> Audio Devices”). If you have trouble understanding this, just post back but tell us what soundcard you’re using. Just selecting ASIO usually brings the latency down pretty low, but sometimes not quite low enough for a guitar to feel natural when played this way. If so, go to the hammer again and click “ASIO driver” (or something like that). This should bring up your soundcard’s ASIO driver control panel, which usually has some kind of adjustment for latency or buffering, which you want to reduce. (Each soundcard is different for this.) Lower it until you hear clicks/pops/buzzes/dropouts, and then raise it back a bit until it’s rock solid for several minutes of uninterrupted playing.

If you can’t get ASIO to work, then try WDM. Then click “Preferences -> Buffering”, and set to “Low” or “Very Low” and see how well it works. To refine it further, get back to us and maybe we can help.

If your soundcard doesn’t have ASIO or WDM, let us know. There still may be hope (Asio4All, or else a new soundcard). Also, to get very low latency, there are a lot of things to do to tune your computer operating system. And on some computers, folks just can’t get it to work. Here there be dragons.

I’ve had no luck using WDM with LIVE. As an aside, I can’t mixdown 24/96 with them either (in realtime or otherwise), has to be ASIO. Tracking and mixing I generally use WDM as it allows me better buffer control when the track/plugin count gets high.