Recording with Line 6 Pod using USB

Hi all…

I’ve just started using n-tracks and couldn’t find this discussed anywhere else. I’ve been trying to record from my Bass Pod XT Pro into n-tracks via USB. I’m getting a good signal on the recording meters but cannot hear any output via my monitors (or see any output on the playback meters). The pod DOES record fine and I can listed back to the track OK, but can’t hear anything whilst playing.
I’ve tried hitting the “LIVE” button, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Do I need to alter any settings?

I’ve checked all the obvious things (recording/playback levels, input/output devices). Everything works fine when I run the Pod through my Spirit Folio mixer and then into the sound card, but I would obviously like to take advantage of the digital capabilities of the pod.

Any ideas?

Hey six,
I didn’t read anywhere that you enabled monitoring in n-Track–have you done this? It’s the circular button to the left under each L/R recording VU meter set. If it’s greyed out, click it to make it turn green (enabled).

However, depending on your buffer settings, this may cause an unwanted delay in monitoring (basically, the higher the buffering, the greater the delay), in which case you may want to just leave n-Track software monitoring off and use your sound card’s hardware monitoring if available.



I don’t think the pod is designed for live playback as I don’t think the USB is full duplex (can’t send AND receive a signal at the same time…) I remember hearing others complaing about this a long time ago- the pod isn’t supposed to replace your soundcard.

if you set up your record in’s for the usb and your playback outs through your soundcard, I’d imagine you’d be able to hear it with the LIVE input on.