showing waveform

i used ntrack only for mixing untill now.
today i tried to record and during record the waveform is not shown. how can i SEE what i record during recording?

I don’t think you’re gonna be able to see the waveform until after you’ve recorded the track. If you just want to see something bouncing up and down as you’re recording, you could look at the record-VU meter…


I don’t think n-track is capable of visualizing the waveform WHILE recording.

i don`t even see where i am recording, there is nothing shown.
thats quite strange for me. in PT a the part you ae recording is at least red…

You should see a red circle on tracks that are set for recording.

Is there a strip on the timeline view to the left of the waveform display, showing the track name and some controls? Sometimes this gets lost due to a mis-click or something. If it’s there, right click near the track name and pick “select track bar elements” or something like that. This lets you set what controls appear there. Make sure M, S, and R are selected.

thanks learjeff,
but i really thought ntrack could show me the waveform, i see the rec buttons…

While recording, the only thing you should care about is not clipping. The VU meters will show that. Then, once the track is finished recording, N will show you the wave form.

If you really need to see the wave form while you are recording, go get Goldwave. It is only a 2 track (stereo) recording program, but it does show the wave as you record it. I’m not really sure why you need to see the wave as it is being recorded though.


hi mike,
i`m just used to see it during rec. and thought it was possible in ntrack…

What were you using that would show the waveform more than what an input meter will show?

hi phoo,
PT and samplitude.

I think CoolEdit can do it too, but I still don’t see the value in the feature. So long as you aren’t clipping, the wave form while recording is just a novelty IMO.

Phoo’s question had two parts, and it’s the other part that’s more important:

What information do you get from the waveform display that you don’t get from the meter?

The obvious answer is that you can see the history, but I don’t see what value that would be. Then again, I work without it, and perhaps there is some usefulness. I can’t imagine what it would be, though. I agree with Bubba in suspecting that it’s more of a novelty than an important feature. There are plenty of other new features I’d rather see!