splitting tracks

I need a program that I can use to record about 500 words, each as a separate track. I know I can record it all in one go and split later, but what i really want is a system where I can press a button to split the tracks on the fly (as you would on a minidisc recorder). Does this program or any other that you know of fullfill this criteria?


Well, how about two buttons?

If you’ve started recording audio in n-Track and you then hit “spacebar” it will stop. Hitting “0” (zero) will begin recording again in a new track. You can hit them pretty quickly in succession, I just tried it. At the end of the session each wave file will be nicely numbered for you as well (“filename_1.wav”, “filename_2.wav”, “filename_3.wav”, etc.)

By default, each new track will begin at time=0 but it’s easy enough to move the beginning of each track to line up with the end of the previous track if you want. There may be a way to do this automatically as well.


doesnt matter about the timing, its for a language program im building, just need the audio files to attach to each word. Most important thing is that its quick, i can record on my mp3 player, but it spends a few seconds saving after you hit stop, so its not a good option as this would effectively double the time needed for recording.

Well, it looks like this will do the job for you. Good Luck.