Hello peeps

I have used n-track for a while, using it to build a soundtrack to photographic slide shows the same way a movie sound track is built up. I would now like to record a band, singer,lead, rhythm, bass, drums, my question is in what order do I record? many thanks for any help

If you can’t record them all at once…

Do the rhythm section first. overdub in lead and vocals. at the very least record drums first and add bass, rhythm guitar then vocals and finally lead.

you’ll need to describe your gear in order for people to give you more specific advice.

Drums first…gotta be able to keep time. Then I usually do a simple accoustic guitar and vocal as a “tracking” track…so I know where I am as far as chorus, verse, break, etc. This track can be eliminated later after other tracks start getting added and the piece takes shape. But, definitely, drums first (or at least some sort of click track.) Then doing as guitars69 says seems to work pretty well. For me, the song seems to dictate what comes next…but, like I have said in other posts, sometimes I don’t know when to quit and I end up with 20 tracks when 5 would probably have worked… :D