Recordingf Vocals in Stereo

I have a lot of audio programs, including N-Track, but i haven’t gotten into recording into now.

First of all, i am a newbie, so this question might sound stupid, lol.

I am using M-Audio Fast Trak Usb, in between my computer and Microphone to record vocals, but my vocals are recorded on only one channel, i really would like them to be placed on both channels in stereo.

Any help would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance and God Bless.

OK, first, something’s wrong, and second, there’s a bit of terminology to clear up.

First with the terminology: stereo means something different in left and right sides. So, what you’re asking is for a mono vocal track to be panned to the center. Minor point, just to clarify.

Normally we record vocals in a single mono track, and when we play it back, by default it’s panned to the center, so we hear it equally in both ears. If this isn’t happening, either you adjusted the pan without realizing it, or something’s not set up quite right in your system – could be n-Track or could be soundcard or could be monitor setup.

So first, check the pan control on your recorded track. If that looks good, then tell us more about your setup:

How are you monitoring? That is, headphones or powered speakers directly connected to the soundcard? Or are you using a mixer?

Are you sure you’d hear normal stereo correctly? That is, if you play music through a program like Windows Media Player, can you hear it in both sides?

See where I’m going here? Try to locate the point where you’re losing one side. Once we narrow that down I bet we can set things right.



Welcome to the forum!

A microphone, like a guitar, is not a stereo instrument, it has only one output, not two.
However, when you have recorded the sound, you can pan it left or right in the stereo field, and you can add stereo effects (i.e. reverb, echo etc.)
By default, NTrack’s mixer pan control is set in the centre, so, if you think about it, your microphone will “appear” in the centre because it is being heard equally from both the left and right channels - stereo in other words!
Don’t be confused by the fact that only a single waveform appears in the timeline when you record, you can still place that sound anywhere in the stereo field by using the pan control.


i suppose you could clone the track, then pan one all the way left and the other all the way right…for a different “sound”…

like steve and jeff said, you are still only recording a mono instrument which you can place anywhere between your ears by panning…

(i just felt like typing something…)



Gator, I think you missed the point of the post.

He can only hear it on one side. He wants it panned center. Now we just have to see what’s not set up right.


your microphone will “appear” in the centre because it is being heard equally from both the left and right channels - stereo in other words

This is NOT stereo. Back before stereo (which we old folks remember), we could have two speakers and the sound seemed to come from the center. That did not make it stereo. Even with stereo CDs and stereo gear, if the recorded signal is the same in both sides, it’s a mono recording. And it sounds like a mono recording.

Stereo means “different signals in left and right channels”. Just to keep from adding to the confusion!

Thanks to All!

I really appreciated the feedback and quick responses to my request.

As for the “Stereo” question, you were right, i just need it panned to center, vocals or mono, i just heard them on one side and panicked, lol.

Like i said, THANKS again, and God Bless.

Glad to hear it was something simple. That kind of thing happens to all of us, especially at first.