Recordings sounds like the chipmunks.

Bad Recordings

I have a M-Audio MobiePre USB sound interface and all my recordings sound like the chipmunks. I don’t know why please help…

Scott Andersen

Chances are the recording and playback sample rates are not set the same. Make sure everything is set to 44.1k (or 48k…or whatever) EVERYWHERE. Make sure it’s not hidden somewhere in the M-Audio mixer as well.

Also turn off ALL Windows system sounds. An interesting side effect of having system sound enabled on may machine is that during playback in n-Tracks if ANY system sound happens that has an underlying wave that is a difference sample rate playback will adjust that samplerate. The end effect is that whatever is playing in n-Tracks (or Windows Media Player for that matter) will immediately double speed. I consider it to be a bug in the audio drivers, but it may not be. It took me a while to figure out what was happening. In my case it only happened when email was running. I didn’t realize that audible email notification was turned on since I usually had the speakers down when not playing around in n-Tracks and then I didn’t usually have email going. :)

Dear phoo,
After playing and pulling out what hair I have left. What I found out is the buffers is what is causing the problem. By default n-Track set to custom buffer size. I changed it to normal and it looked like it fixed the problem.

Odd, by default n-Track uses default buffer setup. Maybe there’s a bug in your version.

Also, buffering doesn’t cause pitch changes. My suspicion is that something is screwy on your system, and fiddling with things either cleared it up or masked it. Hopefully the former! In any case, glad you’re set now.