Recover credentials/license

How do I recover my licensing info

I have/had n-track (version 4 0r 5 I think?!?) loaded on an old PC - not been used for years and the PC now looks dead (hard drive). I would like to load my current licensable version on another PC but do not have the info to do so. The support page is no good as i need the serial etc… I would also need to old setup exe to fit…

I can give details of the email account used etc if someon can contact me - if that halps verify anything…

can anyone at n-track help?



Flavio has all that info on file, if you contact him he will send you the registration info.

It may take a day or two, but hang tight.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

tried emailing him from the forum with no response - should I hang on or try another route?

thanks Ported

Hi ported:

Check you JUNK MAIL Folder…
Sometimes, mail replies from Flavio might end up, or be in your Junk mail…


have checked junk I will wait a while longer


have just checked my messaging on this forum and I cannot see a copy going to Flavio so have tried again - thanks for you advice folks… I think i will get a notification once read…