red-eye screech

removing guitar scrape

Hi y’all.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but if it is I know one of you guys will have the answer.

I was playing the 5th track on my halfway recorded album to a friend, when he looked at me funny and said there was an acoustic guitar screech running all the way through it.

I’d never heard it before, but listened back and he was right. Now its like fingernails on a blackboard screeching through my favourite take!

The song is at, (search for artist: *klr song: yeah we know) Sorry, can’t link straight to it.

(Ignore the old version I put up there made with the woeful BandinaBox and now can’t delete!)

I reckon there must be a way of just ‘rubbing out’ the more glaring eeeeuuhnk! frequencies and leaving the rest - but after hours messing around on audition, can’t achieve it without killing the warmth of the sound.

I recorded the guitar and vox at the same time through separate inputs, but the guitar track has bled on to the mic track - so I’ll lose everything if I can’t suss this!

any help, as ever, most appreciated.

if you like the tune, even better!


I don’t have time to go searching for the track, especially if it involves joining yet another upload site, but the answer is probably no.

To find the problem frequency, you need to do a sweep with a parametric EQ. N track’s will work fine.

If you are trying to remove a problem noise that is narrowband (eg mains hum) then you can have a go at carving a notch in the EQ at that point. If the instrument in question doesn’t occupy that part of the spectrum in any significant way, you should be able to get away with it (guitar & mains hum being a good example).

I will guess that your screeching sound is wideband, however, and from your description it is going to occupy the same upper part of the spectrum as the guitar, which means you cannot get rid of one without detracting from the other. Its a bit like trying to remove the eggs from a cake.

If you had a recording of the screech by itself, you could try take a snapshot of it and removing it from the rest of the file using something like Cool Edit’s noise reduction tool.

Redoing the take may be your only option.