Red, resizable "Navigator" box

What is this used for? I just upgraded fro 4.0.3 and never saw this. The word Navigator doesn’t come up in the help index.

Thanks in advance,


The Help and manual are in need of an update for a lot of the newer stuff. The Navigator is a “miniature” view of the timeline and all the tracks. In it, you can slide around a little window (the box with the red border) to scroll quickly to certain areas. It won’t be useful until you have stuff in the timeline view that doesn’t fit on the screen.



It’s very useful when you work with projects that have a lot tracks with a lot of parts and splices per track, and you need to move around the time line when editing. Other than that it’s probably not that necessary. It’s much easier than using the scrollbars and zoom.

Yeah. Can’t say I’ve found it useful yet though. Too many years of zoom-out… zoom-in… zoom-out… zoom-in…

Old dogs and new tricks comes to mind.

I agree, Mark. It takes some getting used to since we’ve been without it for many years.

Try this — Edit like you used to, using zoom and the scroll bars. But, open the navigator, keep it small, but use it as a visual reference only. Don’t even worry about it being there. It’s a great reference to see where you are is nothing else.

I bet in no time you’ll reach up and use it to get from here to there…like the first time zoom takes you somewhere you didn’t expect and can’t tell where you are. :)