Reggae anyone?

Bob Marley meets The Outfield???

Hi gang,

As the title states, a sort of a reggae-ish tune. Written, recorded and mixed this afternoon - of course, comments are welcome - voice may be sort of annoying a la Geddy Lee - not normally my style.

Note Inspired by many work trips to the Caribbean with beer-soaked napkins complimented with pen strokes with ideas for this song.

The song is called "Gone forever more"

Many cheers!

Danny boy

Gone forever more

nice mix of sounds, the vocal tended to be a little quiet in places for my ears, but that is purely subjective. When you consider that Sting’s singing was also invariably quiet then it is not an issue I guess. I liked the dynamics, good one. If you can knock up something like that in an afternoon, how about posting some of your other works. :D

Yeah, that’s pretty good, man! Nice engaging, bouncy tune. Balance was good, a good overall sound- pleasingly dense. The lyrics are a little alarming here and there, in the happy sounding music! I like the little bass sound in there- almost a sort of ‘Clav-ish’ vibe to it.

Are you using all n-Track plug-ins?

Hi Sloom,

No, I’m using some freeware plugins for compression, but also some of the Ntrack plugins like Reverb. Thanks for listening man!



Like I commented on your Toto cover, this is all great stuff…

So tell us what you’re using. Keyboard, MIDI, real drums… come on,

I wouild also like to hear some more. :)



Thank you for your posts - and your interest. You’ll laugh I’m sure at my gear:

My buddy Sean Dixon (bass player) played an unknown Acoustic guitar for the Toto cover.

Yamaha DX9 keyboard midi’d to my computer soundcard - using soundfonts with soundblaster Live soundcard.

Roland TD7 drum module and pads.
Tama Swingstar acoustic drums.
Most (not all) kick and snare are electric, hats and most cymbals always real.
1 Shure SM57 mic.
Zildjian cymbals.
Many Budweiser beers

Not exactly high-fidelity gear huh? Ha ha ha.

Where’s your music?? URL??




So, as I suspected, its not about the gear… ???


Sounds great.

As usual when posting for C+C on any forum, you’re going to get conflicting reports - some will like the vocal levels, some will want more bass, or whatever.

Anyway, I like it, vocals sit nicely to me, can hear everything in the mix. Sounds great really. I’d love to know what soundcard you’re recording with. You did the vocals with a 57?


The thing that I really like here is that there is an actual song… like, you know, hooks, melody, arrangement… What pissed me off though is you get to the end and kinda stop. I wanted a stop for a measure, then drums KABOOM BLAM BOOM BLAM and into a rock out chorus then maybe fade out. Though, I guess you left me wanting more which may be a good thing. :;):

One note, the drums coul duse some work IMO. The snare and hats are very static dynamically which makes me think drum machine.

Thanks for the input folks,

I may change the arrangement around the end - not a bad idea.

The drums are all live, not a drum machine - I sppose they could use some more movement and dynamics - I’ll have to listen back to it sometime.

Yes, I always use an SM57 for recording vocals, only because it’s the only mic I have! Ha ha.


Perhaps too much compression on the drums? Just a thought.