Registered but Eval Version?

One more odd thing has come up. I had BFD going, and I was getting a synth tone every 20 seconds. A pop up box comes up saying "evaluation version. a sound is being added approximately every 20 seconds"

I thought it was BFD, but apparently it’s N-Track, which is registered.

Any thoughts?


Check if you are recording in 24bit instead of 16bit.
If you registered the 16bit version it will only work in evaluation mode in 24bit.
If all is ok, email Flavio and he will sort out a new registration code for you.


I want to kill myself.

Where would I find if I’m in 16 or 24 bit mode?


It’s in the About box.

Even if you have the 24 bit registrations sometimes it doesn’t register as 24 bits. Flavio is familiar with that and will email a simple fix that only he should give out. Sometimes it’s a new set of codes. Somtimes it’s a funky hidden way of resetting the defaults…or both.

Either way, he can get you fixed up when he gets back from vacation on Oct 3rd, or shortly after that.

Until then set recording and playback to 16 bits (little hammer on the VU meters, or in the mixdown properties, since it’s possible to mix to 24 bits regardless of the other settings). That may not be possible with some soundcards or drivers (usually ASIO) that are locked at 24 bits.