Registered N-Track version shows

behaviour of a trial version

I’am using N-Track version 4.2.1 without larger problems since 2006. My OS is Windows XP SP3. - Two days ago I installed my new audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 18i6. There was no problem - everything wents fine during the instalation procedure. - But! When I try to record N-Track shows a message(Evaluation Version…) and ervery 20 sec a sound is added, which destroys every recording.

My question: Is this a typical behaviour for a N-Track trial version?! If so, I don’t understand this, because my version is registered. After that I uninstalled and reinstalled N-Track and typed in the registration numbers. The program is registered again on my name - but this has no effect! The above mentioned behaviour doesn’t disappear.

Later on I found an older Version on my HD, N-Track 4.0 from 2004. I installed this version and it worked!!! - So what can I do to use my 4.2.1-Version without those restrictions of messages and sound-disruptions?!..



versions of n-Track prior to v6 had a distinction between 16 bit and 24 bit registration. It looks like you are registered in 16 bit mode, and the new audio interface is a 24 bit one, n-Track will play the 4 note organ sound when registered in 16 bit mode and a 24 bit format is selected for recording or playback.
If you need to use 24 bit recording/playback you can upgrade to version 6.x, which always supports 24 bit recording and playback:
If you prefer to use version 4.x you can email after having ordered the 6.x upgrade and I’ll also email you the 24 bit registration codes for version 4.x.