Registered version acting unregistered

Sound being added…arg…HELP!!!

I am using a fully registered 24-bit version of n-Track 4.0.5, build 1846 with a Dell Latitude D800 laptop and a Tascam US-122.

I’m in the 11th hour trying to wrap up a project, and while normalizing two parts that silly organ sound got added and I didn’t realize it until later (after I had saved and closed the song). It seems to have been destructively added to the parts.

Does anybody have any advice? I’ve had some other problems with certain features not being accessible after registration with 4.0.5 as well that I was able to rectify by reinstalling, but this is the first time there has been alleged permanent damage. HELP!


Once a destructive edit has been applied, you’re screwed.

You should have been making backups (ALWAYS)…

As always, Flavio is the ONLY one you can contact for registration issues.

I didn’t realize that the little organ sound was destructive though, and I haven’t confirmed that it destructively effected my parts as I can only listen to the parts in n-Track due to the bit rate and the frequency. That would really upset a lot of people just trying out the software if that sound was destructive, so that’s my question. If it isn’t destructive, how do I get n-Track to stop thinking that the parts were processed by an unregistered copy? What’s the best way to contact Flavio then?

Thanks for the reply.


… as I can only listen to the parts in n-Track due to the bit rate and the frequency.

Try Audacity; it’s free and can open files up to 32bit/96kHz.


Best way to contact Flavio?

TG :)

Thanks everybody. Always a newbie, never a newber.

I downloaded Audacity. Nice to have in the toolkit. The parts are definitaly destructively edited with the organ sound. Arg. I’ll contact Flavio to find out how to avoid this in the future. The two parts are actually two takes of the same vocal section and because if differences in length the organ hits at different parts so with some creative volume envelope treatment I may be able to salvage the section.

Thanks again!