registration codes obtained by pirates

i got a message saying that my registration code may have been obtained by pirates. flavio sent me instructions to basically reset my registration code. i suppose that’s what it does. anyway, i can’t get the process to work. has anyone had to do this before? i replied to flavio’s instructions and he replied with basically a repeat of part of the instructions. i replied again 3 or 4 days ago but haven’t gotten a reply. has anyone else received this error message and successfully reset their registration code? i’m using n-track 3.3.

Yes, it happened to me, too (with v2.2 and v3.3). The procedure Flavio gave me did not seem to work at all as long as I had more than one version installed on the same machine. I had to uninstall all versions, purge the registry of all n-Track entries, and then reinstalled only one version (3.3). Then Flavio’s procedure worked fine.

are you sure flavio sent you 3.x codes? If you completely uninstall N, do a fresh install and input new codes, it should work… ???

i did the uninstall, restarted, then reinstalled ntrack 3.3 and performed the steps in the procedure. still didn’t work. how do i go about this registry cleanup that Alessio mentioned???

here’s what Flavio said when I had the same trouble…
I’m sorry for the roblem. Please follow this procedure: load the program, click on ‘Remingdme later’, click on any part of the black timeline window background, then type the following string:
For version up to 4.0.3:
(sorry, can’t show you this)
For version 4.0.4 and later:
(this either)
If you make a mistake simply restart from the beginning of the string. No visual clue will appear on the screen while you type the string.
The program will then ask for confirmation: answer ‘yes’, then quit and reload the program and enter the following registration codes in the Help/Register dialog box:
(your codes here)

this didn’t work right for me either, until I did it correctly. kinda’ hard typing in the codes perfectly with no visual clue, but once you do it’ll work.

the link below is to a screenprint from n-track (since i don’t know how to put the screenprint in my actual post). is that the timeline window that i have the arrow pointing to??



is that the timeline window

No it’s not the Timeline. Try the “big black bit” where the tracks go underneath.

finally got it!!! thanks 4 the help guys.