Remembering Size and Position

I’ve looked just about everywhere in N-Tracks, but I can’t find a place to 'Remember Size and Positions" of windows.

Whenever I open a track comp/EQ, it comes up in a small, useless window. I have to resize it everytime. Where or How in N-Tracks (4.1.5 b. 2042) can I get it to remember so it opens in the size and position I want?

Wow… did I Stump the band? Or is the answer too obvious even to write out?

Hmm. It stays resized for me. Maybe I am missing something…

same here, it pops up just like I had it last time.

try resetting to the default settings and adjusting things afterwards.

Right click the window title bar and uncheck “Allow docking”. Then move it and resize it to your liking. It should open the same way next time.


OK… i’ll try those suggestions. But, It opened correctly until I upgraded to the latest 4.1.5 build(2042?). There are no ‘Default settings’ for window size and position, but i’ll give it a try.

The ‘allow docking’ is NOT checked already. But, in the interest of trying anything, i’ll check then uncheck.

Let you know how it turns out.

Later dudes…