remix of runaround sue

give a listen if you would and tell if I’m on the right track.


Hrm… Are you sure this is a new version? I don’t have the first one on my PC anymore, so I can’t compare…


If this is a new version of this song, why is the bass still panned all the way to the right, dude?!?

And I’m tellin’ ya, some guitar overdubs would be niiiiice on this.

Anyway, most of the things I said in the last post still stand.

Dammit, put that bass in the middle!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I did put the bass in the middle the pan is dead center and I cut the reverb way down on the drums…I’ll take a look it sure sounded better to me. I was really trying to use all the suggestions maybe I need to pan the bass harder in the other direction to make it centered more HMMMMMMM. Overdubs as in some leads or rythms or both



I just looked at my mix in N and the bass is stereo and both R/L channel strip vol meters are showing equal vol. so why would it come oput as panned?

I think it’s fixed at least the bass seems to be.

I can’t say how much I appreciate the feedback I’m havin a ball doing this stuff.

i can’t listen right now, but try this… SOLO your bass track and look at the playback VU meter. if it IS dead center, both the L and R playback meters should be moving identically.

(make sure you are looking at the playback output VU meter and NOT the channel strip VU meter… could it be that you’ve sent the bass track to a group or aux which is adjusting the pan?)

EDIT: bass sounds centered to me (or at least noticably more than before).

Okay, I now hear the new version.

Things that improved:
Bass sounds a lot better in the center.

Drum intro is better. I love the flanger.

Backing vocals are a bit more audible during the verses.

Things that got a little worse:
Bass now sounds kind of overbearing.

Drums in general sound worse - I think you took off a bit too much of the highs… Combine Mix 2’s intro with Mix 1’s drums and you’ll be good to go.

Vocals sound… muffled compared to the other.

(I think - I don’t have version one to compare.)

You’re onto something good. Keep plugging away at it!

Yeah… I hear exactly what you do Jason. I lost some of the highs overall so it sounds a tad muted. So my mixing vocabulary has improved greatly thanks to you and the others that have responded. This gives me a path that I can see, where before I was just searching in the dark. I’ll keep it in flux for a while…I know what I’m looking for now and I can see how to get there.

Thanks a million guys I know it takes time to listen and critique.

Cruiser :) :) :) :) :cool: