Remove extra aux channels?

I know I’ve done it before…

I’m starting a new project and it’s starting out with 3 aux channels, which is what my last project ended up with. For this project I want to start with one or zero. I can’t find how to delete an aux channel! Anybody know this?

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PS This V5 2219

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On version 4 and earlier the number of Aux channels is set in the Preferences.

Thanks Diogenes! I must’ve right-clicked every pixel on my two screens trying to call up a menu with deleter channel!

Well, see, that’s your problem you were looking for “deleter channel.” If you’d been looking for “delete channel” mabey you’d have found it! :D

Quote (theinfamousfish @ Feb. 12 2007,14:51)
Well, see, that's your problem you were looking for "deleter channel." If you'd been looking for "delete channel" mabey you'd have found it! :D

It's New Speak for "delete a channel"