Remove Volume Envelopes

Pardon my pure dumbness. I was fiddling with volume envelopes and now I can’t figure out how to take them out of the tracks. Little help here.

Ver 3.3

Doug W

Right click on the volume line and the pop up menu has an option to flatten envelope.

Highlight the track, then choose the volume envelope view. A right click anywhere in the track will get you a menu, and one choice is ‘remove selected nodes’. That is the one you want. I imagine that this will work if all tracks are selected, but have not tried it…

HTH! :)
'til next time;
Tony W

Flatten envelope will work, but it leaves the nodes in place. Why waste even those few bits of memory? :D

'til next time;
Tony W

Thanks Gentlemen. Got it under control now.

Appreciate it,