Removing a part of a track

I need some help with this

I have a bad part In the middle of a song(Talking) and I Want to remove It…and pull the track back together.

Then the track turns red < what does that meen?

When I do It The volume always changes on me…the right side Is always lower

Iread the help sec…maybe I missed It

Please give me the step by step basics on this


I’m hoping that there a tab to click to pull the track back together after I remove a part …any body??

Hi Daner
I would clone the track so you have two identical wavs.

Then shrink the original file by clicking the edge of the wav image and dragging it along.

Adjust the cloned track as above and then just drag it into place wherever you need it.

Did that make sense?

You lost me on the cloning part

So it’s 5 easy steps.
1. type s
2. type s
3. right click in part
4. click remove part
5. move part

How’s that?

thanks…It took a bit for me to find the right place to hold the curser

Poppa…when i join the 2 parts back together…theres a fade In for the second part…how do I control that…I need the sound to come up the same as the left part

right click on the part - you will see ‘crossfade’ option in menu - play with what you want.

Poppa your pretty good at this N Track…You help me out once again

Thanks Bud…I got It now

Sucking up will only make me feel useful and get you more help.
So there. :cool:

This the new lanes feature in N?

just an editing feature. Don’t recall when Flavo Flav initiated it.
Lanes? What’s that? Bowling for n-Track?

Man thats genius Poppa!!