removing extra time in track

Hi Folks,

I recorded something an hour long. There’s a three minute segment I want to keep. I cut and pasted the segment out of the main track and saved it as a new song, BUT the track is still an hour song (i.e. there’s 57 minutes of blank time in front of the section I want to keep).

How do I reset the beginning of the portion I want to keep to 0.00 minutes and thus make the entire track only three minutes long?

Thank you!

Scott in Seattle

Go to the MORE OPTIONS button in the File>Mixdown.

In “Interval to Mixdown”, set the beginning and end times of the part you want to save and then Mixdown (I think if you have it highligted it will fill those in, but I don’t remember…)

That will save just the part you want.

Here’s how I do it.
- Zoom into the area of the start of the section you want and add a marker (right click on the timeline, Add Marker). You may need to adjust the marker a bit by grabbing it and moving it to the left or right.
- Goto the end of the section (zooming in so you can see exactly where you want to stop) and add a marker.
- Right click again on the timeline, but between the markers, choose Select Between Markers.
- Click on the mixdown icon (blue CD with a yellow arrow).
- Click on More Options.
- In the Interval to Mixdown, choose the From (instead of the Entire Song) and it will put in the From and To times for you.
- Click on Browse and tell n-Track where and what you want the section called. (Click OK)
- Click on Start.


Thanks very much! I suspect I’m using a different version than you all (3.0.1, it looks like) but that was enough to get me pointed in the right direction, and cor crikey, Ermintrude, it worked!

Thanks again,


I’ve been using this technique since 3.0. So it should work for you.