Removing parts of track

How to do it

Hi, I’m new to n-track and having problems removing/deleting spare time in the beginning and end of a track. Always come up with removing/deleting the whole track.
What to do ?

The simplest way is to just drag the little white square at the beginning of the wave part to the right, and then using the “wave files dragging” tool, drag the part left.

To remove part that’s not at the beginning, select the region to remove by dragging in the wave part. (Don’t stray out of the wave part, or you’ll select that time for the whole song, not just that track.) Then use “Edit->Cut” or control-X. Then, depending on the editing mode, you may have to shift the second part of the track left to join it back up. Of course, this is easier when using the grid.

Note that there are two different editing modes:

1) nondestructive, where n-Track doesn’t alter the wave files, it just changes its “notes” about how to use the wave files. This is the default.

2) destructive, where n-Track changes the wave file contents.

The action of “cut” is different in the two modes. In nondestructive, cut leaves the cut space empty. In destructive mode, it shifts the latter part of the track left, leaving no gap.

We usually use nondestructive, because no matter how many other things we do later, we can always change our minds and get the removed stuff back. With destructive mode, you have “undo”, but after a while you can’t change your mind. (Either because you don’t want to lose the other changes you made, or because undo only goes back so far.)

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I learned the above procedure from the n-track help. The procedure is in there too.

Thanks for help. I’ll try it out.

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