Renaming Sound file

Beta not working like before

anyone else tried to rename a sound file when working in the program?
I can rename it in the properties, but it does not change the name of the sound file in use. So if I recorded the file without a name for the File > Save As the sound file is the default New Song 1.wav.
The left hand box used to offer the option to just chance the name when the sng file was open or change the name of the file on Disk. Did I miss something?

Yep - this has been the case, on and off, since early 6, that I’m aware of. I prefer to ‘reveal in folder’ and rename it there - and then re’find’ it within the project. This way, all the balls seem to fall into place.

I could do the rename in 7, but not in 8. Changing the name without having it actually listed in the song file is awkward to say the least.