Renoise or FLstudio ???

For make beat and some bass …

FL studio looks very good,
Renoise looks very good toooooooooooooooo

if anyone use it, could you tell me more ??

Orion Platinum - why not give it a try. Very intuitive. It may lag a bit behind fruity in feature count but I would say it makes up for it with useability. Next version coming out this summer.

Acid Pro is the way to go


Instead of giving the man an opinion, we’re just expanding his confusion by giving him more options !



fruity (flstudio) is the only drum sequencing product i have ever used. haven’t felt the need to try anything different because it does everything i need it to do for my style of music. i will warn, however, that it can be intimidating at first. i would recommend starting with the very basics and build on your use of different features as you become familiar with the product. they provide alot of project samples so you can see how certain sounds are acheived.

thanks dimmer77

i try it

Orion! I love Orion! It’s older, cleaner, more obvious than FL. Don’t know if they plan to make it work like a VSTi in another host like FL, however. Maybe they have already? mblackman? ???

HotStepper! It’s free and very easy to use. It’s also very lacking in features, but that just makes you be more creative :wink:

You can ‘rewire’ OPLat to Ntrack. No VSTi version as yet.

thanks mblackman, I did not know. I used Orion basic for a long time till they stopped the development of it, now I use - what is it? - pro? It is soooo much fun. :)