Repeated n-Track error messages

n-Tack shuts down every few minutes

I just bought the 16 bit version. Two things:
1. N-track is reporting errors and shutting down, 5x yesterday within an hour, rebooting each time. I just got the preamp set up, bought n-Track 2-3 weeks ago, but I haven’t recorded anything longer than a minute yet, just voice tests. Not doing anything more than short recording and playback of voice. No other input.
2. Playback of voice is badly distorted more half the playbacks, kind of like Donald Duck. I’ve been through it with the support people at M-Audio and at the local sound shop, checked the settings and couldn’t figure out what’s up. I’ve only gotten a clean minute twice out of 20 tries.
Any ideas?

What specific function are you doing when N closes on you?

About bad sound; you might try paying closer attention to Ntracks vu meters.