Repeating a part of MP3 or CD

Hello people,

Sorry this is so off the dedicated topic, but I always get the information I need here and hope you will forgive me as it’s still a PC Audio thing. :D

To put it plainly… leaning on the ‘working with the band’ rather than the ‘record my own stuff and play what I like’ side of my nature, I need to learn a few tracks we are going to warm up with.

I have been sitting here hitting stop and then start again repeatedly to get down difficult parts. Can someone please advise on software that will allow me to convert MP3 or CD to wav so I can open with n-track and repeat selected parts as long a I need?

I have all the tracks I need on CD as well as MP3 so any way to get either to wav will be great (also my way of saying that I am not trying to copy any music I haven’t purchased). :wink:

I am sure this should be simple and most folks probably know how to do it, except me (discounting taking a cable from line out to line in - and I am sure it’s gotta be easier than that).

Any advice much appreciated.



Will do it.
Mediaplayer will also convert from cd to wav/mp3 I think (I use DBPoweramp…)

When working out songs I convert them to wav (off cd or mp3) and then load them into Cool Edit Pro as I find that a lot better than N for working out songs.

Can highlight a section and the loop is smoother than N.
Also can place the marker where you want and just hit space to start/stop and replay the same part over and over again.
With n-track when you press space to stop if you press space again it will resume where it stopped.

When working out songs you usually need to listen to the same phrase repeatedly and the play from teh same place each time in Cool Edit is more handy for this.

just my 2c


Check out Acid Express 3.0 for a great free looping program.
I’m not sure if Acid Express will work with mp3’s directly, but Acid Pro 4.0 will.
-Edit to add- Acid Express 4.0 :)

I recall playing around with a demo of a program called “The Amazing Slower Downer”, plays Wavs/MP3s and lets you slow the song down without changing the pitch. I believe it lets you set up looped sections as well.

Thankyou very much once again people.

DBPower amp is doing the job for me now… so I can wear my fingers numb with a bit of practice when I get home tonight.

I will check out the other software as time permits too.