replacing drums via MIDI

just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction…

i’m attempting to use a VST plug-in to replace a weak sounding snare track. the plug-in’s instructions are alittle scant. apply it to the track as a vst effect and then consult your DAW’s manual to figure out where the MIDI notes are being output to.

assuming the plugin works, anyone have any idea how to route the midi notes from there? i’m hoping at best to send a “midi out” signalfrom n-track (while recording) into my alesis drum machine and record the output back into n-track (then time align the new track if need be).

i know how to set up the midi channels in the plug-in and on the drum machine, but i cant really figure out the n-track side of it.

to put the VST on a midi track try this:

Right click over the midi track you want to add the VST to.

Output to> New instrument> VSTi> (whatever the name of your plug is)

You’re not really giving us much to go on as far as setting up the drum machine as a midi out in Ntrack, a model number would suffice.

Each Alesis drum machine is different, some may have USB out and act as midi interface, while others require a Midi interface/soundcard of some kind to be connected, in the later it would be the interface that would be set up as the midi output device in NTrack.

And then there is the capturing/conversion of the analog audio back into the computer from the drum machine…which is another set up of which we know nothing about the gear you are using to be able to advice you one way or the other.


the alesis is an sr-16. no usb out, just midi in/out along with audio outs.

i use an m-audio midisport uno for midi in/out, and an m-audio fast track USB for audio in.

my problem sounds like the inverse of your solution! :) i have an actual WAV track–a real snare recorded with a mic. the plugin i was trying to use should, in theory, convert the wav file into MIDI (note on/off, velocity). i applied the VST to my snare track, and strangely expected it to work like magic. then i realized i have no idea where these midi notes are going!

but your comments actually help a great deal, as in goofing around with midisport (which i just bought a few weeks ago) i recorded some midi kb tracks and couldnt figure out what to do with them (as they played back with general midi/crappy computer piano sounds).

so i do appreciate the advice! thank you so much.


Ok now we are getting somewhere. :agree:

Did you try to insert a blank MIDI track and then arming it for recording?

This may record the midi data being sent from the VST as the audio of the snare track is converted to midi notes.
Another solution would be to have to have an external MIdi sequencer connected to the midi output of the UNO and record the data coming from the computer onto a track in the sequencer.
ALSO, MIXDOWN might work within Ntrack, if you mixdown the song with the VST on the drum track you may get a new midi track as a result that has the converted data on it.