Replacing MIDI drums with N-Track Drums

I have some old MIDI files with full drum kit on channel 10, and I would like to output them to N-Track drums, rather than my built-in soft synth. If I add N-Track drums as an instrument, and set channel 10 to output to that instrument, it only plays one part of the kit at a time, i.e. just hi-hat, just kick, etc… How do I use the drum plugin as a replacement instrument for a pre-existing drum track? I’m hoping that I’m just missing something obvious, rather than having to split the MIDI drum track by note and outputting each one to separate instruments.

There is a mismatch of note/drum placement. If when you have your project loaded as above, open the piano roll for that track. If you select the notes for each drum/instrument, by clicking on the keyboard to the left, you can drag every event of that note to the desired one.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I see now that it’s not so much a mis-match, as that there are certain drums in the default acoustic set that have no sample attached (i.e. no Kick Drum at 35 or Hand Clap at 39). I’ll try the downloadable kits; hopefully one of those is a full General MIDI implementation.

You might well find that all n-T drum sets are laid out in the same order. It’s not that drums are missing, they’re just arranged differently to GM.