Report on keyboard recording

repost from audiominds

I posted this in audio minds it was a comparision between NTracks, Multi track Studios and Cakewalk 2003 Music creator.

I broke out my old keyboard last night, it is a early 80 Casio CZ-1, the audio does not seem to work but the phone jack is 'ight. Also it is touch and velocity sensitive. so it make for a good controller.

I tried it with N-Tracks, Cakewalk MC, and Multitrack Studios. All seemed to do a decent job, Cakewalk was flawless, and had no problems what so ever, NT did a good job, and the piano roll was good for editing, i did have problems at times with it not liking all the Synths i used to play in it, it seems that NT is a little fussy about who it plays with.

MTS on the other had while it does not play as well with Softsynths in general like NT, (by in general i mean it eats up more resources with multiple instances of certain VSTis) MTS is does seem far easier to load a sound font in it’s sampler and play the keyboard thru.

Over all all three will do a good job, cakewalk is still the midi beast and is the easiest, but all rock with the right setup.