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foropottomi! :frowning:

OK Ali, prove that you are you - what wrong guess of mine made you take away my hard earned 1/2 point? :)

Kidding! Anyway, I don’t know anything about web stuff so I can’t help you…sorry. :(

Maybe the board is on the verge of collapse again. It always does funky stuff right before it goes down.

Every post I make is taking longer and longer to refresh…like a minute after hitting the Quick Post button. A few weeks ago it was only a few seconds.

Well, welcome to the forum nergle! (Kidding Ali!) :)

Actually it did the same thing to me for a while once, dunno what changed but at some point I was allowed back…

Nope, that is definitely not ALI, or Limey. This guys an imposter… dont you believe it for a second. Seriously, I’ve seen this forum at
least 4 times now, they are all fakes… (so is Phoo, doesnt sound at all like the real Phoo).

Man, so many fakes…so little real time.

Man… (I’ve gotta stop using those little dot thingies)

Tis getting slower day by day.

TomS is a fake…plumber!:D

We are all just figments of somebody elses imagination anyhow… I’m not sure if I’m me or not! Good thing I’m not a twin…then we’d both be confused!


Mabey you typed something Flavio didn’t like! tee hee and now your name is banded!

I could suggest going into your temp internet files and deleting all coockies you may have that correspend to this site.
The come back and try signing in again. Another sad fact could be that someone despises you s much they have spent days cracking your code, then they simply changed your password. :p
Or you could have some virus as you said. Either way your a nerdle for now…I mean nergle…

keep tryin’


Quote (YazMiester @ Jan. 12 2005,06:14)
Tis getting slower day by day.

TomS is a fake............plumber!:D

No, I am not a fake plumber, I am a dasterdly, immoral imitation of a fake plumber. Please don't insult me like that again. :)


Man did you get the plumbing straigtened out?

Quote (YazMiester @ Jan. 12 2005,17:47)

Man did you get the plumbing straigtened out?

Oh, plumbing are not going to believe this. So...last night around 6 we noticed water coming up the sewer pipe, sewer cleaner ran 100 feet of snake to no avail, suggested that the city sewer pipe that our house feeds into was blocked, indeed it was, didn't get cleared until 4 AM, meanwhile inch by inch the sewage was creeping up. Nearly all of our basement is in our living room this morning. I'm calling in sick. :(

That stinks Tom! (literally I’m sure)

Ventilate that place really good so no sewer gas can accumulate. I’d sure hate for to you have to call in dead instead of calling in sick! Hope you get sorted out OK.


What a mess. Well, nothing serious damaged, let’s hear it for those plastic containers you can get at Home depot. Cleaned all day today. Tomorrow more. Ugh, what a waste of time. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement TG. :)

OMG Tom, man I feel for ya.:frowning: