rescued from 6yr old frost-bitten tape…8469880

Hi Tony R:

That stuff sounds pretty good…
I think tape has a way of smoothing over the wrinkles that this digital process doesn’t forgive…
That stuff you posted was done on some hi-end analogue stuff…

I have some cassette tapes of concert set-ups I did way back in the late '80’s and early '90’s…
One day I should get that stuff on a hard drive before the cassette decks I did them on wouldn’t work anymore…


Bit of EQ and/or perhaps a high freq stimulator like the PSP MixTreble, and I bet you could make it sound just a tad bit better.

You guys are brave for responding to that link - almost as brave as me for posting it.
It’s from a forty min body of stuff I did for a short film that didn’t happen.
I only rescued it from tape for fun (and put it through some car crushing n-T comp)- what I really need to do is drag all my old gear out of the loft and go through a pile of floppies and squirt it into n-T.
It will happen!

Do you have winter where you live? 'Cause that sure sounds like a project for a snow weekend! :)

'til next time;

I’m dreading it. Do diskettes degrade?


Do diskettes degrade?

Everything degrades.

Entropy rules. Which I suppose is basically a good thing, otherwise we wouldn't know which direction to head to reach tomorrow.

But I suppose the important question is: Does our storage medium degrade faster than we do?

Good luck in finding out Tony. :p

Floppies? What were you doing, recording on to floppies?

Wow. Wasn’t sure if I was going to like that song at first- but it definitely, erm…rocks- for lack of a better term. Really.
You have some original parts in there. Just for curiosity, what was that short film that never actually got made gonna be about?

Tom! This track and several others are trapped in an earlyer time where different creatures roamed this earth. MIDI could be trapped on floppies, musical notes onto 1/4" 8trk tape. Phrases, loops and home-made sounds could, in theory, be sampled and fired and all was sync’d with a Tardis. Recording to a pc hadn’t been proven and by purists, was regarded as foolish and would probably damage space and time or at least lead to blindness.
As Self (how the body reacts to foreign bodies) probably made it onto cassette so that I could hear it in the (horse ‘n’ cart) car.
Geoffo. Thanks (I think). The film was/is of the mystical and subjective life that our bodies have that we don’t control; libido, phantom (post amputation) limbs, appetite, hormones, relationships with viruses…
Cheers all.…8493601

#2. This one survived a little better. But the only way to resurect the rest, is ‘the hard way’. I don’t need to appologise for the hiss, do I? Ran it into n from old cassette tape as a stereo pair, split it in two, hard left - hard right, a bit of limiter and verb. Warts ‘n’ all.
Just to get this far, I’ve had to, literally make new drive belts for my old Tascam124AV…4611572

Oops! Sorry.…t=music

Whatever it was…I didn’t care for it. Not my cup of chickory per se.

counter says zero :laugh:

Tom! I pulled-in the PSP MixTreble as you rec’d - nice bit o’ kit. Bit pricey at the mo’ and I can’t imagine me getting round to finishing before the trial evaporates. Have you (or anyone) stumbled upon any comparable freebies?

Hi all. It’s -5 here. What’re you guys getting?

There was an RGC exciter, also I think some come with the thing that others who left here used and might be around separate from that bit of kit.

You lost me there, dude?

That’s the kind of stuff I like to hear when I’m half ****faced. It makes
me want to continue to drink and get crazy. I wish they still had local pubs that would play this kind of stuff. Great to drink to.
Really neat Tony.