Resources request

I would like to know if you have any plans to add any of these features that I consider crucial for the professional use of this daw:

1- change from progressive tempo to rall… etc
2- Ability to read Soundfonts like other daws

You can do the 3 things you described with the desktop version of n-Track (Windows and Mac). Sidechain is there in the iOS and Android versions too.
Custom soundfonts can be currently loaded on Android but not on iOS. We’ll be adding support for custom soundfonts in one of the next iOS updates. Likewise the ability to add tempo and time signature changes will be added to iOS and Android too (you can currently add tempo and time sig. changes on iOS but only on exact measures, this limitation will be removed).


Great. Do you have an estimate of when this update should arrive?

When we give estimates we’re often wrong so we prefer not to give them.


I saw a new update yesterday and I was even euphoric! I thought it might come with a progressive tempo change feature. Please add at least this feature asap. The other features I consider secondary compared to this one.

Pardon me for the interruption but I’m genuinely curious as to what situations you would want to change your time and temp up possibly during the middle of a major or even more so at an exact tick on the M:B.T. is it a certain genre of music or what is that? Genuinely curious

@Roger_Salinas1 a good example of a tempo and time change would be the Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has a dramatic tempo change, and of course All You Need is Love has changes from 4/4 to 3/4 time. I realize none of us are Beatles, but it’s an awesome capability if you ever need it.

@FlavioA Could you please detail the procedure for changing tempo/time for the iOS version? Is this for Midi and Sequencer only, or is it possible for Audio loops and Audio recordings???
Wow, if it IS possible for all types, it would be great to select a location in the timeline and all types of tracks would sync to the changes. I will keep my fingers crossed!
Thank you for this wonderful DAW, I’ve been a fan since Windows version 2.3!!!

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Sem problemas. Eu sou pianista e também produzo música para a igreja. A principal razão pela qual eu preciso desse recurso é porque eu uso muito rall… em transições ou finais de músicas, etc… e elas são sempre graduais. Mas isso é bastante comum. Estilo de música que eu produzo na igreja


on iOS you can add a tempo change in the metronome box, there is a ‘song’ button which opens a list in which you can add tempo changes events.


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Wow thanks @FlavioA ! I never realized that function was in there. It works very well.