Responses from Flavio and from Echo

Information others might make use of…

I’m cutting and pasting e-mail responses to a problem I’ve posted about several times here regarding midi and metronome problems. Anyone else using Echo Mia Midi and Windows XP might want to take note:


>My n-track software works quite well generally, at least as best as I can
>tell. My problem is that both the metronome and any midi tracks I try (if
>I import a midi drum loop for example) sound distorted and
>awful. Rhythmic distortion is the best description. I can record and
>play back wave files very nicely.
>Does the metronome require a midi device or additional midi software in
>order to work? I’ve selected Mia Midi for my midi out for the metronome
>and all other midi functions, which is the only option that doesn’t
>conflict with the record and playback options I’ve already selected under
>File/Settings/Preferences (record = WDM Mia Analog In and playback = WDM
>Mia Virtual Out 1 and 2).
>What do I need to do to get the metronome and midi drum tracks to work
>properly? The midi drums don’t work for imports or if I go to piano roll
>and try to create drum tracks…

WDM audio drivers conflict with the use of the Microsoft software MIDI
synth which is probably the only MIDI synth you have available in the
Preferences/MIDI/MIDI devices dialog box. This happens because the software
MIDI synth actually sends its output as audio to the WDM drivers. With MME
audio drivers the output of the MIDI synth is mixed by Windows with
n-Track’s output, but with WDM drivers in order to attain the lowests
possible latency n-Track bypasses the Windows audio mixer. You can either
get an external MIDI synth or a soundcard with a built-in hardware MIDI
synth. Future versions of n-Track will allow to send the metronome output
to a VSTi or DXi plug-in so that there won’t be the need to use a MIDI device.

Best regards,
Flavio Antonioli.

From Echo:

Using my n-tracks audio software I can only hear what sounds like distortion when I try to play the metronome (which is sent via Midi Out to Mia Midi) and when I try to play any midi tracks, also sent via Midi Out to Mia Midi. I thought that your product could support this kind of midi information

- The Midi in and out on your MiaMidi are only Midi ports - no sound fonts built in.

Do I have to have separate midi software or an external midi device connected to my soundard?

- Yes, you need a software or hardware sound module.

Using DR008 I can hear midi tracks, which takes lots of time to program. But I don’t have the option to set a click track (metronome) to anything but Midi Out, with the exception of the Windows software, which conflicts with the WDM Inputs and Outputs… I’m at a loss.

- Your midi metronome need to be routed through your sound module first, or choose the audio metronome…