Restoring Drums

the old ludwigs

This a directory with some pictures I took of the old ludwigs, in the studio before going to NC in May. There is also a slide show (wmv) of the drums after coming back (kick hoop got crunched in transit) and the current progress restoring them. I’m not done yet, and I plan on putting up a better page with captions at some point.

So far so good with the restoration. One tom has a couple of places where I may need to redo the wrap unfortunately (glue didn’t hold well and it bubbled a little), but the rest are all good. Should get most finished up this weekend.

Must get at least a small set finished before Nov 1, because my son and I are playing Woodstick again this year. (drummers world record attempt)

Pieces being restored (all Ludwig unless noted):

–812 (tom)(1968)
13 (tom)(1968)
–1014 (tom)(1970) (from 1414 tom)
–1616 (tom)(1968)
16 (tom)(1967)
–1420 (kick)(1968)
20 (kick)(1968)
–1422 (kick)(1967)
28 (kick)(1980)
–414 (snare)(1970) (from 1414 tom)
–514 (snare)(1964) (Rogers)
15 (snare)(1959) (red concert snare)
–514 (snare)(1970) (clear Vistalite)

All pieces will be White Vintage Marine Pearl, except the red concert snare and the clear vistalite. I will be able to mix and match for a lot of different set configurations.

I’m still on the lookout for a 1966-69 vintage ludwig 16
18 or a 1620 tom. Most are being sold as collectors items and are out of my price range. I’m looking for one to restore, so cheap and in bad but not too bad shape is good.

I cut the 14
14 floor tom down because it NEVER sounded good. It would not tune as part of the rest of the set. I figured it was no loss if the resulting 1014 and 414 drums weren’t any good. While it was a vintage 1970 drum, it was not in good shape for a collector.

nice job! :agree:

Awesome phoo! Looks like a labor of love. I bet they’ll be great when completed. :agree:


Yes, nice workmanship. I was also looking at your mic placements, do you
ever or do you ever see a need to put a mic on the bottom of a snare as well?

Hi phoo:

They just don’t make them like they used to…

The guy I work with has a set…
I believe they are '62’s…
He used them all his days…
The cases are wooden…

I’ll be looking at you photo blog…
What a nice project to work on…


I like the mics…


[EDIT] I’m not sure how may pieces make up his set… AND I’m I’m not sure what snare he has… OR what sizes his shells are…

If it wasn’t for drummers, where would we be… ????

Nice work, Phoo.

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