Reverb seems to overload....

distorsion of the lame kind…

Does anyone have any tips for the factory reverb in v4.1 ?
whenever I try to use it , It overloads the track.

Hard to say on this one budda, Hey aren’t you supposed to be all knowing? tehe

Anyway, I think a read somewhere about a bug early on, in the 4.0 prototype.
Or maybe it was something to do with input processing.
It’s really hard for me, or anyone, to give a difinitive answere without knowing more about your DAW.
Try listing your proccessor speed, OS and soundcard, to help us narrow down the possible causes.
A temp, solution might be to mixdown the track with the verb on it, and see if you can’t contunue working from there.
Someone with more knowledge of that version should chime in soon enough, hang in there!
I myself, have been using 2.3 for six years, without any intention of learning something new, or having all the complications that come along with the “latest” crazes. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is my moto.

Keep shinin’