Reverb Suggestion

I know this may have been asked before, but maybe you guys can tell me what reverb plugins you use for rock drums and for orchestra mixes.

Thanks in advance

Kjaeruhs classic reverb works for me with rock drums that have been recorded in well deadened room with a few mics (oh’s, kick). I’m especially fond of presets “little church” and “small club” as a starting point. They work splendidly for me, especially when used sparingly.


And also there is the excellent Freeverb (written by Jezar, a previous frequenter of this board). There are various variants of Freeverb which are also worth a look.

And then again, there is the excellent SIR. Fabulous but cpu hungry.

(sorry, no links, try google).

Thanks to both of you guys! Speaking of SIR, are the impulse universal? I mean can they be loaded on perfect space plug-ins? Again thanx to both of you. I forgot about Kjaeruhs, thanx for reminding. :D

When you google, try Kjaerhus instead of Kaeruhs…

And impulses are indeed small wav-files so I’d say they’re pretty universal I guess.

Ok, I went through all the verbs a couple years ago, and there are two I found to be the best (granted, any effect released in the last year or two I might not have investigated).

The first is the classic verb. Of course, it’s a classic plugin, and any classic plugin is good! :D
The second is DX reverb lite. It’s a very pretty reverb. I don’t know, that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s very good.

I use the Classic for all the instruments that need a slightly darker, older reverb sound. Drums, acoustic guitars, etc. The built-in presets are very good, by the way, and I recommend using them. They only need a few tweaks.
The DX I use for brighter instruments like Vocals, strings, etc. I find that the classic doesn’t quite sound right, IMO on instruments that might want a brighter, more ethereal reverb sound. The presets on this aren’t quite as good. I usually use them to get in the general place of where I want, but then really have to dial in to get the right sound. Very worth it, though.

Now, on what else is out there.

Well, of course, n has reverb, but it really is about the standard free effect. no better or worse than mda or something like that.
SIR is good, but isn’t adjustable really. All you get is dry/wet control. It really isn’t good enough (IMO) to warrent the CPU loss, delay problems, etc. Adjustable effects are the way to go, I think.
I never really cared for freeverb, no offence to Jezar. It’s just about a standard free reverb, really. Nothing really special. I mean, if you didn’t have n-Reverb, then maybe. But really, it doesn’t improve on the way n-verb sounds very much.

I know that this isn’t what you asked, but pianoverb is a good example of a plug that does one thing very well.

Anyway, I hope that helps.

Var and Fish thanks for the tips. Be checking out the links you posted. Thanks again people!

Thanks for posting the Kjaeruhs classic reverb link.

Usually I use the NTrack reverb when needed and Freeverb for drums when needed but Freeverb can be a bit overwhelming. I set it up so you can just barely hear it working.

I used to be a big SIR user, and I still use it on some things, particularly solo instruments like classical guitar. You gotta check out Ambience though. It has got to be hands down the most natural sounding rev for band mixes and things like that. Pretty CPU hungry, but worth it IMHO. Check out the Vic-Plate setting.

oh, man. I knew there was a third plugin that I was missing. I racked my brain to remember what it was that I used in addition to Classic and DX lite. Yeah, Ambience. It’s got a nag screen when free, but works just fine nonetheless. Very good reverb. I tend to use it on most things. It’s my first go-to. I then go to DX or Classic if Ambience won’t provide what I want.



Don’t forget you can also use SIR to model things like amps, cabinets, mic pre’s, microphones etc. etc…


Man !

I like the ambience Plug In ! I went on a reverb crusade awhile back but I never heard about Ambience until now. I am quite happy with it so far :)

Thanks Guys :)