reverse guitar solos?

how do you put things in reverse on n-track? i am running version 3.3 and i want to add a backwards guitar track to a song.

audacity will do that, and it’s free

It’s been a long time since I ran Ver 3.3 but it will reverse a file for you. Look under Track > Special > Reverse Playback I think. Make sure the track you want is highlighted first!

EDIT: From the manual:


- Sometimes very strange effects can be obtained by reversing an audio recording. You can reverse the current selection using the Edit/Special/Reverse playback menu command

That applies to Ver 3.3. V4 adds the “Track” menu item.


I believe this is destructive edit, so do it to a copy of the original file.

Good advice phoo!

A cool studio effect that you can get is to (1) reverse a track then (2) add reverb and mix down to a new file and then (3) reverse again.

You hear the reverb tails first and they increase in volume till you get to the note. Works great on sparse drums or percussion.