Reverse is broken?

“Track>Special>Reverse Playback” function appears to be broken. Anyone else?


7.0.1 3012 will not track>special>reverse playback

7.0.1 3010 will.


It works in build 3024 - the beta build.

Thanks Bax. I’ve rolled back to 3010.

Hi Tony,

I’ve tested with build 3012 and wasn’t able to reproduce the problems. Perhaps you’ve accidentally used the Transport -> “Reverse playback” command, which just sets the overall song speed/direction to backwards (i.e. it doesn’t modify the wave file as the Edit -> Speacial -> “Reverse playback” command does).


Thanks, Flavio - I wish that was the case. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to recreate the initial problem. Before I rolled back to 3010, when performing a track>special>reverse playback I would get a warning that the wav was inaccessible(?) and I’d have to abort. On rolling forward to 3012 again the problem changed to n-T hanging indefinitely. Restarted machine a couple of hours later and all is well. Would this activity be logged somewhere (crash report folder doesn’t appear to be in the prg one as with 6) that I could send you?