Reverse mastering

I completed a track, converted it to a wma and the result was a trebly mess. Thats never happened before. Is it possible to reverse the conversion to manipulate the song some more? Please help

locate the original wav. file and import it into Ntrack.

from the top File>import audio track> (navigate to your subfolder the tracks are in) could be My Documents, My Music, etc.

TO find that folder you could alternatively see where NTrack mixdown the wma to, it should be the same folder by default unless you set it up somewhere else.

if you mixdown the .wma without changing the name of your Ntrack file the .wav and .sng file name should be the same, eg. newsong.wma , newsong.wav. newsong.sng

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And/or right click on the wav in the timeline and choose “reveal on folder”.