Reverse Playback?

can n-track do it?

can you do reverse play back in n-track? or maybe just reverse the entire track? thanks!

There is an option to reverse playback under Track->Special->Reverse Playback, but I have NEVER gotten it to work. It has not worked for me from ver 2.0 straight up to the latest version. I even have used N on a variety of computers and operating systems in that time.

Either I am the unluckest N-Tracker around, or there is some flaw with the algorithm…

Anyway, I have used both Audacity and GoldWave to reverse tracks.

Let us know how things turn out.

I have used the reverse play successfully in 3.x. I do not have 4 yet.

Select the section you want to reverse.

It is a nice effect.


Works fine for me in v4.