Reversing File

not working

Please help…the last time I tried to reverse a section of a file it worked fine. Now, for some reason nothing happens. Am I missing a check in a box somewhere? Using version 3.0

hi all,

did a search and found this thread with no responses.

it’s been a year or so since i last needed a “reverse playback” track. it worked then in v3.x, but now with both builds 1802 and 1805 of v4 i’m getting an error box saying ntrack can’t open the file.

this happens even when this is the only file in the sng, whether i select a section or the whole file, with destructive or non-destructive editing.

the wav i’m trying to reverse is an effected ntrack mixdown track. it loads into an ntrack song file and plays fine. yet ntrack “can’t open file”?

any ideas? something i may have set in preferences that may affect this?



I dunno? I just tried it in 1805. One thing I did I don’t remember having to do before…I wanted to reverse the entire wave and just clicking on the title bar, it didn’t work. I had to drag select the entire length of the waveform and it worked fine. Has it always worked like that?


PS Another thought. Check your path settings in Preferences. Maybe the wav file is in a different directory than the current working directory?

thanks for checking this.

yes, actually dragging the cursor to select the part to be reversed was the only way i was able to get it done last time (v3.x).

as for paths, i have a default working directory set, and then i also have prefs set for temporary files to go into the current song directory. i just tried to reverse a file using my default working directory as the current song directory (i.e. i created a new song in my default directory and tried to reverse a file that was also in that directory) and this didn’t work either.

i should have mentioned in my earlier post that a second box comes up after it tells me it can’t open the file, which says it can’t create undo data, or something like that.

but i’ve seen that message before in other situations and always considered it to be a result of whatever problem had occurred at the time rather than an indicator of its cause, but i could be wrong.

thanks for your help…


Barrett, you might want to try using an external editor to reverse the parts you want reversed. Even the simple sound editor included with Windows (I guess they still include it with XP) will do the job quite well. Since n is very good at recognizing that a wav file has changed, and re-reading it for use, that should be an easy work-around.

Good luck!

'til next time;
Tony W


sorry i was working on other stuff and just got back to this problem.

yes, the windows sound recorder works in ways i didn’t know.

thank you!