Revert to older version?

Go back to 3.3?

Hi guys,
Maybe it’s just me, and I know I am going to get a ton of posts asking me what my problems are (which include n-track crashing everytime I try to do a pitch shift; n-track squealing on occasion when I first hit the play button until I press start and stop a few times; n-track forgetting to play a track that is armed during playback; n-track playing the WAV file on track X instead of the playing the WAV file that’s on the track I wanted to listen to; much worse clicking and popping during playback with the same hardware I had before; the list goes on and on) but I really would just like to go back to 3.3. I want to create music! I was very happy with 3.3. How specifically is this done? (Going back to 3.3 that is)?

Just have to ask this - you have tried the very latest build of 4.0.5 ?


Ok - I would uninstall 4 totally, and delete the n-track program files folder (C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4) (sometimes this doesn’t get deleted, esp if you’ve got vst’s in the vst folder.)

I would then run something like a registry cleaner to go and have a look at everything that looks like N-Track - this step pro’ly isn’t needed, but you never know in going one step back.

Install 3.3 as if it was the 1st time.

Going up you might get by by just installing the new without uninstalling the old , but I wouldn’t try that with going down 1 step …


Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a shot. You are hopefully being fascetious about the latest version 4.0.5? It has got to be the worst version I have tried yet, worse than some early 3.0 versions.

Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about. Seems to be better for other people.

The object is, of course, for you to be able to record and be creative as painlessly as possible, and without worrying about the tools. If going back to a previous version does that for you, then go for it.

I’m still on 3.3 as well


Be aware that any songs you’ve saved under V4 won’t be openable under V3.

pour moi version 4 is like reading an advert for a car with a great engine great gearbox plenty of boot space lots of usefull extras and then when you get the car most of the nuts and bolts are missing. version 3.3 is still running in my modest studio, i say studio i mean comp. sound card and guitars mics. version 3.3 is a waste of time reguarding rewire and vsts or midi. version four improves on this but i’m not going near it till its v4.3 or 4.4. in short i just dont trust it!!

I use 3.3 still, as well as v4. I use the last build before the .net install. I don’t want .net installed on my machine just now - everything is fine with it, and I don’t want that kludge there just yet. I forget the build number, but it’s been very stable for me.

At some point soon I will put the .net stuff on, but I’ll probably do some tests on another machine first…

Now, where can I get another machine…? :)


On the positive side, I’d like to mention that I recently finished a song on v4 and the new features were certainly helpful.

During the production I encountered several problems relating to the new version. In each case I gave Flavio the details and in most cases he fixed it promptly. In the case where a fix couldn’t be found I found a simple method to work around the problem.

My MAIN POINT here is “don’t be put off until you’ve given it a thorough workout”. That’s part of the appeal of n-track anyway - this whole interactive, particapatory thing - I love it!


Stick with vers 3.3 build 1516, it works with out all the hoofrau!

I still use version 3.3 and I had hoofrau for dinner last night. It is better with horseradish.

I’ve had MUCH better results (like I was able to get 4.0.5 to get past the 2nd install window!) since going from W2000 to XP on my laptop.

Upgraded to 24 bit at the same time and that seems to be fine, tho I’m still learning about what has to be reset for 16 wav files etc. (Other silly was getting ASIO driver for my Omega, which only runs in XP, only to find it only works at 48k sample rate!!! back to WDM driver).

Latest problem however (there’s always one isn’t there!) is that having also invested in RD300SX piano (and I’m wrapt!) so I can now finally record MIDI successfully, all was fine until last night I tried to re-load some n-trk songs consisting of just midi files, awaiting audio parts…but got a “can’t load song file” error message. Happened to several but not all recently created .sng files.

Moral seems to be to save midi as midi files (as well as sng??).

Anyone know of a .sng file fixer??? No? …didn’t think so!

Ah well, I’ll keep researching and if I discover what I did wrong with the offending files will post the fix.